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Monday, 16 May 2011

Social and Natural Sciences 6

Oxford Look & Think:
Social & Natural Sciences
6 (New Level)
The final level of a new six-level primary series with 100% coverage of the Spanish science curriculum, at a language level that is truly appropriate for bilingual and CLIL programmes.
Class Book, Activity Book, Teachers' Book, resources, audio and digital materials, class posters and flashcards
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bathtub resurfacing queens said...
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roofer nj said...

I have taught to various classes.Oxford books are the best.They are up to date in all aspects and help in easy understanding of the subject.I haven't gone through this book, hopefully it will live up to its expectations.

Chiew Pang said...

Would you mind modifying the link to my blog, please? It's had a new home since December 2011: http://aclil2climb.blogspot.com/



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